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About us

T-river Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and innovation of automation system integration, machine vision and industrial software. We provide customized solutions, products and services for enterprises in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and help customers to realize automation, informatization and intelligence.

Our professional team has rich experience in the industrial intelligent manufacturing, and specializes in providing upgrading solutions for different companies. A lot of successful cases have been done in the fields such as rubber industry, automated logistics, powder processing industry, new energy, food and medicine, and smart agriculture.

T-River continuously invests in R&D of industrial intelligent terminals and industrial field interconnection. Cooperated with international professional organization, T-River has continuously introduced on-site situational products based on site situation and technologies to provide customers with optimized solutions.

It is our ultimate mission to solve ‘the last centimeter’ on the industrial site. And it is committed to realizing customization of industry based on site condition!

T-River, A new era of industrial customization!

Devoting to intelligent manufacturing
Assisting in transformation and upgrading


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