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  • Automatic On-Line Cutting Machine
Automatic On-Line Cutting Machine


Travelling circular knife cutting machine is for the in-line cutting of rigid profiles and hoses made of rubber and plastic. During cutting, the machine automatically registers the line speed and automatically regulates its work cycle precisely to the feed speed. Taking the desired processing parameters into account, the powerful linear slide puts the processing tool in the desired position and then starts the processing operation. Here, the machine exactly follows the line speed, thus guaranteeing an exactly perpendicular cut.


·High-quality components and well-established system functions to achieve stable and continuous production.
·Auxiliary intelligent control mode to guarantee stability and precision in quality
·Excellent security and protection design to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.
·Quick-change mounting for circular knife and guides
·Flexible switch from Fling-cut mode to Fixed-cut mode via optional configuration
·Traceable output and automatic toll life management provided by PMS.


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