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  • Robot visual Guidance System
Robot visual Guidance System


The robot vision guidance system USES the visual guidance technology to realize the robot's positioning and grasping of the target.
Main functions include:
• realize identification and positioning of unordered and stacked artifacts;
• realize the assembly of industrial products, component assembly, whole machine assembly, etc.;
• realize the dismantling and stacking of logistics, packaging, food, medicine and other industries;
• to place goods on the designated delivery line or delivery robot to complete logistics delivery of various industries;
• sorting the package or workpiece by conveyor belt and placing it at a fixed point;
• realize the impersonal loading and unloading action of industrial machine tools.


• Accurate image segmentation technology to achieve high precision extraction of target objects;
• Advanced machine learning algorithms ensure high accuracy in object recognition;
• Break the limitation of visual guided grasping range;
• The whole system can be customized and developed according to requirements.


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