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  • Bottle Cap Jet Code Recognition And Defect Detection System
Bottle Cap Jet Code Recognition And Defect Detection System


Cap code recognition and defect detection system using high precision camera with lens, light on the key points of quality control of image acquisition, algorithm processing, production line of bottled containers (bottles, beverage bottles, bottle caps, etc.) of the bottle, the bottle body and the bottle bottom defect detection. The main functions include:
• Bottle cap: character recognition, date correctness and location identification (deviation, reprint, character fragmentary)
• Bottle mouth: crack, notch and damage detection of
• Body: cracks, bubbles, stones and detection of stolen goods
• Bottom: crack, breakage and detection of stolen goods.


• The flexibility of software is high, and it can be used to test the custom-made defects according to the actual needs of the customers.
• Accurate test results eliminates defective products into the market;
• Low cost, high stability and fast detection speed.


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